KenpachiGamer derives its life force from Zaraki Kenpachi - One of the most awesome-max characters in Bleach (Bleach is a popular ongoing Anime series, currently airing on TV Tokyo in Japan and Cartoon Network in other countries. More about it here). He is the captain of the 11th Division of the Imperial Guards for the Soul Society.

Kenpachi is a strongly built man who wears the 11th division robe (acquired after killing previous captain) and under it the normal shinigami outfit. He has spiked hair with bells attached to the tips. The bells are to announce his presence to the opponents. He also wears a special eyepatch (although he is not blind) which controls his enormous spirit force.

The most inspiring and jhakaas thing about him is that even if he doesn’t know his sword’s name and hence can’t call upon special sword powers(also called Bankai) , he is the most fearsome character whose immense spiritual force more than makes up for it and his tenacity allows him to keep fighting even if he gets hurt.

“Bankai is for the weak”