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Definitely not an Insomniac

Jacobs’ friends call him the dream king. For years Jacob has always had dreams that have fascinated his friends. As usual Jacobs’ friends were waiting patiently for his bus to arrive at school. Today,they were betting what his latest dream would be about. They were so excited when his bus finally arrived. All of them ran over to him. Jacob,hurry up and tell us your latest dream. I will in 1 minute let me get in the building.

Hellgate London – Trilogy

The winged demon sped out of the darkness without a sound until it was almost on top of its prey. Then it screamed, a bloodcurdling, high-pitched shrill of terror. The razor-sharp claws of its lower appendages were open to grasp and slash. It looked like a cross between a wedge-headed cat and a flying lizard packed into a vaguely feminine form. Glittering silver-gray scales covered the creature from head to tail. Sulfurous odor trailed in its wake. The demon was a Blood Angel. And the prey was Thomas Cross, who had witnessed a similar such creature—maybe the same one—gut a fellow Templar standing beside him only a few moments ago.

Gardens of the Moon – A high Fantasy

Bled dry by interminable warfare, in fighting and bloody confrontations with Lord Anomander Rake, the Malazan empire simmers with discontent. Its legions yearn for some respite…

However, the empire is not alone in this great game. Sinister forces are gathering as the Gods themselves prepare to play their Hand…

Fantasy – The Dark Elf Trilogy – Homeland

“Forgotten Realms” Is a well known term for people who have played “IceWind Dale“, “Baldur’s Gate“, “Never Winter Nights“. Dark elves’ deadly traditions and history are well described in R.A.Salvadore’s HomeLand which is book one of the Dark Elf Trilogy. The story pivots around our main character Drizzt who inspite of being a dark elf […]