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A Mouse and a Pad – Instruments for Ownage

Razer CopperHead 2000 dpi and a huge door mat size mousepad does make a difference in gaming. It surely takes your gaming to a new level and you never will have to complain about your mouse not upto the mark

Busou Renkin – The Armed Alchemist

Did you like alchemy action in Full Metal Alchemist ?? If you were looking for another full alchemy action anime “Buso Renkin” will give u an adrenaline boost. An Insight into the anime by Kenpachi Gamer who loves to fight.

Gaming – The 11 Commandments (11th Division Way)

11 Gaming Commandments in a crispy way based on the 11th Division fighting spirit :). For the references – 11th Division is the most chaotic and fight loving division in bleach best example being zaraki kenpachi himself with a fierce battle lust :). Dare to Join ??

A Tribute to Zaraki Kenpachi

A man with a heart of steel and battle lust like that of an enraged Orc. A man who dares to ask his opponents to have a first attack on him while he stands :). A man with a sense of humanity
Behold This is Zaraki Kenpachi

Can you be the next God Of War??

“The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me ,now there is no hope” and Kratos cast himself from the highest mountain in all of Greece. After 10 years of suffering, 10 years of endless nightmares it will finally come to an end. Death would be his escape from madness.

Gamer – The True Kenpachi Spirit

Wondered how gamers are related to Zaraki Kenpachi ? Well just read the full article and you will come to know the fierce fighting spirit which every gamer should possess just like zaraki kenpachi. An ingenious comparison between gamers and kenpachi.